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Have I not Commanded You?

Have I Not Commanded You? Be Strong and Courageous.
Do not Be Terrified; Do not be discouraged, For The Lord Your God will Be with you, Wherever you may go.




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Boast in the Lord

Cconsider your own calling, brothers and sisters.
Not many of you were wise by human standards,
not many were powerful.
not many were of noble birth.
Rather, God chose the foolish of the wold to shame the wise,
and God chose the weak of the world to shame the strong,
and God chose the lowly and despised of the world.
those who count for nothing,
to reduce to nothing those who are something,
so that no human being might boast before God,
It is due to Him that you are in Christ Jesus,
who became for us wisdom from God,
It is due to him that you are in Christ Jesus,
who became for us wisdom from God,
as well as righteousness, sanctification and redemption,
so that, as it is written,
Whoever boasts, should Boast the LORD.

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Spiritual Life: What to study

If you would ask me what to study, I would say, Yourselves; and when you well had studied them, and     then would ask me what to study next, I would reply, yourselves.

He who knows well his lower self, knows  the illusions of the world, Knows of the things that pass away; and he who knows his higher self, knows God; knows well the things that cannot pass away.

Thrice blessed is the man who has made purity and love his very own; he has been ransomed from the perils of the lower self and is himself his higher self.

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Meditation: Achieving Success and Victory in our lives

 In everyone’s life there are key moments or turning points on which the whole of
  one’s life hinges. The mounting confrontation between the Pharisees
  and Jesus was such a decisive event and crisis. The religious leaders became
  intolerant of Jesus because of their prejudice. Nothing that Jesus would
  do or say from this point on would be right in their eyes. They conspired,
  not simply to oppose Jesus but to eliminate him. Jesus met this defiance
  with courage and determination to do his Father’s will. He used the crisis
  to teach his disciples an important lesson for God’s way to success and
  victory. The only way to glory in God’s kingdom is through the cross –
  the cross of suffering and humiliation which Jesus endured for our sake
and for our salvation. We, too, are called to take up our cross every day
– to die to sin, selfishness, envy, pride, strife, and hatred – and to
lay down our lives in humble service and love for one another – just as
Jesus did for our sake.

Matthew quotes from the “Suffering Servant” prophecies of Isaiah to
explain how Jesus the Messiah would accomplish his mission – not through
crushing power – but through love and sacrificial service (Isaiah 42:1-4).
In place of a throne Jesus chose to mount the cross and wear a crown of
thorns. He was crucified as our Lord and King (John 19:19; Philippians
2:11) There is no greater proof of God’s love for us than the sacrificial
death of his only begotten Son for our sake and our salvation (John 3:16).
Jesus died not only for the Jews but for all the Gentile nations as well.
Isaiah had prophesied centuries before, that the Messiah would bring justice
to the Gentiles. To the Greek mind, justice involved giving to God and
to one’s fellow citizen that which is their due (whatever is owed to them).
Jesus taught his disciples to give God not only his due, but to love him
without measure just as he loves us unconditionally – without limits or

Jesus brings the justice of God’s kingdom tempered with divine love
and mercy. He does not bruise the weak or treat them with contempt, but
rather shows understanding and compassion. He does not discourage the fainthearted
but gives hope, courage, and the strength to persevere through trying circumstances.
No trials, failings, and weaknesses can keep us from the mercy and help
which Jesus offers to everyone who asks. His grace is sufficient for every
moment, every situation, and every challenge we face. When you meet trials
and difficulties, do you rely on God’s help and grace?

“Lord Jesus, your love and mercy knows no bounds. Give me strength when
I am weak, hope when I am discouraged, peace when I am troubled, consolation
when I am sad, and understanding when I am perplexed. Make me an instrument
of your love and peace to those who are troubled and without hope.”

This reflection is courtesy of Don Schwager.

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Today Gospel: Do you want to be First..?

        Who doesn’t want to be first, to be esteemed and honored by others? We seem to have an unquenchable thirst for recognition and fame, power and authority to rule our own lives as we please as well as the lives of others. Should we be surprised to see the disciples
of Jesus thirsting for power, position, and authority? James and John, the sons of Zebedee, urged their mother to strike a deal with Jesus, their Master and Messiah. They wanted the distinction of being first and most important in position, next to Jesus, of course!

        When Jesus called the twelve apostles to be his inner circle of disciples who would teach and exercise spiritual authority on his behalf, he did the unthinkable! Jesus taught contrary to the world’s understanding of power, authority, and position, by reversing the order of master and servant, lord and subject, first and last! Jesus wedded authority with love, position with sacrifice, and service with humility. Authority without love is over-bearing
and slavish. Position without respect and concern for the subordinate is
demeaning and rude. And service without generosity and sacrifice is cheap
and unkind.

        Those who wish to serve with Christ and to exercise authority in God’s kingdom must be prepared to sacrifice – not just some of their time, money, and resources – but their whole lives and all that they possess! Jesus used stark language to explain what kind of sacrifice he had in mind. His disciples must drink his cup if they expect to reign with him in his kingdom.
        The cup he had in mind was a bitter one involving crucifixion. What kind of cup does the Lord have in mind for us? For some disciples such a cup entails physical suffering and the painful struggle of martyrdom. But for many, it entails the long routine of the Christian life, with all its daily sacrifices, disappointments, set-backs, struggles, and temptations.

        A disciple of Jesus must be ready to lie down his or her life – each and every day in the little and big sacrifices required – and even to the point of shedding one’s blood if necessary for the sake of Christ and his gospel. What makes such sacrifice a joy rather than a burden? It is love – the kind of “love which God has poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us” (Romans 5:5). An early church father summed up Jesus’ teaching with the expression: “to serve is to reign with Christ.” We share in God’s reign by laying down our lives in humble service and love for one another, just as Jesus did for our sake. Are you ready to lay down your life and to serve others as Jesus has taught and modeled for us?

“Lord Jesus, make me a servant of love for your kingdom, that I may
seek to serve rather than be served. Inflame my heart with love that I
may give generously and serve joyfully for your sake.”

This reflection is courtesy of Don Schwager (c) 2012

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Mystic Mosaic — Faith (Part 3)

          The so-called “free thinkers” declare: We are too intelligent to belive”. To them, to be intelligent means accepting only that which their reason or their five senses can perceive. Intelligence, according to this, is dependent upon the refinement of the senses or the freedom of one’s reason; but, alas, it constricts its operation  a restricted field! Were they willing to concede that religious things are beyond their ken, they would then show some intelligence free from prejudice. On the contrary,  they wrangle and argue about all that is beyond their reach. This attitude is far from scientific;  which is the least one can say.
          They are incurable, since they do not want to be rid of their prejudices. But let us excuse them because they are partially blind; as yet their eyes are sensitive only to phisical  light, their conscience aware only of mental light.  However, they are responsible for their blindness, first, because Providence always informs them in one way or another of the existence of another sun besides the one of intelligence — and also because they refuse to test these indications. They forget that one can only see and advance when one surpasses one’s limitations, if only by a hairs breadth.
          An independent and healthy intellect acknowledges them at the outset, thereby makingg itself open to a renewal of grace which will permit its unfolddment. To be reborn, one must accept to die

          The mere acceptance of certain thruths incomprehensible to the mind, but which we accept only from authhorized testimonies — such as those of the Church Councils for exemple — does not penetrate to the death of our being. To realize the affirmation of the Apostles’ Creed: “I believe in God, the all-powerful Father”, and accepting it down to its material sense, is Faith. If He is all-powerful, He can heal us, save us from fire, stop bankruptcy; if we believe Him to be our Father, He will heal and save us; if we are not convince that He can achieve this, then we do not have Faith. The only sign that proves our conviction, outwardly, is the serenity with which we face the Faith.
                  Let us then adhere with all of our determination, with all the fervor of our love to the words of Christ. This centralized, focused adherence will slowly seep through, it will illuminate our intelligence and we shall, little by little understand what seemed obscure. Finally, if  we compel our body and its instincts to obey these words, our faith will then begin to live. Mental belief is not sufficient. Emotional assent does not suffice. For Faith to manifest miracles, it must live in our physical bing: Faith without works is dead. True  faith is capable of limitless unfoldments.

All mankind lives by some kind of Faith; one believes in his business, another believes in his art, another in friendship, and another in some theory; even; even the skeptic believes in his skepticism. Yet, all of these brliefs, from the must vulgar to the finest, from base materialism to the most impersonal, do reach their limit some day. This day, termed death by those who experience it, is really the happy dawn of rebirth and of liberation. Human beings are an ungrateful lot. When the faith they believed in, wich sustained them for many a day fails, they insult it and swear against it. They should bless it As long as they refute the immutable, do they not condemn themselves to mutations? Why do they cherish phantoms and neglect the Vivificator?

By SEDIR:  (Yvon Le Loup,  1871 – 1926)   CHRISTIAN MYSTIC

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Mystic Mosaic — Faith (Part 2)

Faith is believing and being convinced without proof, on just a simple word from God. As soon as there is  any kind of approximate reasoning, faith is lacking. Face with a miracle, a skeptic argues, invokes the play of coincidences, improper statistics, and scientific explanations; but those who witness that same miracle, those in whom the light has not been quite buried under ashes, will feel the intuitive flash through which the experiences of the spiritual man manifest themselves to the physical man.

When you are facing an insoluble difficulty, or at the eve of bills-due without a cent to pay them, or when illness has drawn you to the brink of death, you know that the test is warranted, and that having acted  wrongly in the past, ruin or death would be justice. Yet, if you have faith, such an example is not meant for you because the truly liberated man alone possesses faith, and  neither worry, anguish nor suffering have any claim upon him, save when he shoulders them to relieve others.

If you do not have faith, you may either let yourself go, or else fight with all of your intelligence and might, or else seek help from anyone in the visible or invisible worlds. Heaven abandons the inert! the arrogant, who only believe in themselves, Heaven abandons them too; the fearful, Heaven lends them a helping hand which gives them sufficient time to harness their forces and them to work. But if you are a disciple you know that Heaven sees and watches over you, and that in spite of your being lukewarm Heaven will never let you perish.

Consequently, you remain calm, you even see to it that close acquaintances or friends cannot read anguish on your face. You seem as gay and as lively as usual and, you wait to lock yourself in your closet, to cry. Then you speak to Christ and say: ” Lord, I have deserved these misfortunes and many others; I am not worthy to have you look down upon me; but You can heal me, save me from ruin, console my despair; I submit to your decision. Save me if you think it right; I promise I shall try, with your help,  to do better.” These are beautiful words, the sentiment is noble, and saints act accordingly. But it is still not Faith; it is only the path by means of which one reaches it.

Were we able to define, comprehend or even imagine Faith, it would cease to belong to the supernatural. Let us make the necessary effort which enables us to receive it as a gift. Let us always go to the end of our strength, to the limit of our endurance and of our courage. This offering of the possible irresistibly evokes the impossible.

By SEDIR:  (Yvon Le Loup,  1871 – 1926)   CHRISTIAN MYSTIC

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Mystic Mosaic — FAITH (Part-1)

“Faith is a divine, supernatural force within us which creates something where nothing is, and finds something there where nothing was created”. This magnificent and complete definition of faith is from Jacob Boehme, the shoemaker.

How can anyone who doubts that God will heed his prayers expect to receive? Does not timidity, fear, skepticism, irresolution, constantly prevent thousands of men from succeeding in those temporal enterprises which seem so easy when compared to spiritual combat?

Doubt is one of the powerful weapons of the Devil. If Faith represents an actual realization of one of the virtues of Eternity, doubt is the mental illusion of what appears to us as time. When an obstacle causes to worry, we prepare ourselves for certain failure; but if we face it confidently, it vanishes.  A skeptic never gets anywhere, unless he has faith in his skepticism.

Through believing in an idea or in personalities, so many have performed acts of heroism, so what could not a man achieve — one who believes totally in God? You say that it is difficult to have faith. No, it seems only impossible to you because you yourself have tied the hands of your own spirit. You have locked yourself in a dungeon from whence you groan. Will to have faith, and it will come instantly. Expel hesitation, and you will act as if you had faith. Banish pride, and you will notice that doubt is nothing else, but a mirage which intercepts divine communications. Then your faith will not be like that of the egotist’s self-pride, the deadliest poison to your soul, but on the contrary, its  powerful tonic.

By SEDIR:  (Yvon Le Loup, 1871 – 1926)  CHRISTIAN MYSTIC

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Spirituality: Control of Thought

You must control your thought; you must not let it wander. Whatever you are doing, fix your thought upon it, that it maybe perfectly done; do not let your mind be idle, but keep good thoughts always in the background of it, ready to come forward the moment it free.

Use your thought-power every day for good purposes; be a force in the direction of evolution. Think each day of some one whom you know to be in sorrow, or suffering, or in need of help and pour out loving thought upon him.

Hold back your mind from pride, for pride comes only from ignorance. The man who does not know thinks that he is great, that he has done this or that great thing; the wise man knows that only God is Great; that all good is done by God alone.

By Alcyone

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Be Courageous – Be Fearless

For God hath not given us the spirit fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind.
Fear is not of God. Have the courage to step out on faith and do the seemingly impossible.
Start your business; go into the ministry; apply for that promotion; anything that you’ve been
afraid to do and you know that God has called you to do – JUST DO!

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